About Me

My Grandad started teaching me the violin when I was 6, and at about 10 I was given a Commodore 64 home computer, and this started me off on the path of synthesizers and electronic music. In my late teens, I was often bunking off college to go back home and write music on the Commodore Amiga computer, with a load of my tracks going out on various releases in the demoscene. I was filling in my application to start management training at a local supermarket when I got a call asking if I would arrange the music for the Wing Commander soundtrack, on the Amiga, and that led him to a job with Mindscape.

They went POP in 1997, but luckily the guy who programmed Wing Commander was now working on  Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown and I managed to annoy him enough to give me the gig on that one. Then I went to the company I always dreamed of working for, Bullfrog Productions, and got to write the music for Dungeon Keeper 2Populous: The Beginning and also did sound design work on Theme Park World which went on to win a a BAFTA for Best Sound.

I’m not sure how else to put this, because I want to sell myself as a composer, but as the in-house composer I was not given Theme Park World to work on so I moved to full time sound designer for the first time in my career. I had the choice of working on Harry Potter or Formula 1, and for me that was a no brainer. Here I come, EA Sports F1 series. I left EA in 2003 and made an attempt to become a rock star, and that failed big time so I ended up at Visual Science for a couple of years before that went POP. Went back to EA for 6 months before that went POP, and ended up joining Codemasters in 2007 to work on  their DiRTF1 and GRID franchises. During my time there, we gained a LOT of recognition for the quality of the audio in those games. End the end though, I guess I had had enough of it all, or perhaps they had had enough of me. After writing the soundtracks for F1 2015, 2016 and 2017, I left in 2017 to form SONiC Fuel.

And there we go, a non corporate-bullshit description of me. I sound rough around the edges, but I know how to do my job really well – maybe that’s more important?