SONiC FUEL is an audio production company set up by award winning video games development veteran, and self confessed Petrol Head, Mark Knight. If you are looking for a composer or sound designer for your project, then SONiC Fuel specialises in audio development for the interactive, gaming, media and simulation industries.

I’ve been working in video games development for over 27 years now, and during that time I have been lucky enough to have worked on a pretty good number of AAA ones. That also gave me the chance to recording my first multi-channel F1 car recording in 2009 which then led to a few F1 teams asking if I could help improve the sound of their simulators.

Whilst I love all sorts of video games, and frankly would love to work on everything and all, I’ve been lucky enough to have gained a pretty good knack for recording and integrating motor vehicle audio be it bog standard city runners, stupidly modded street cars, and a load of pretty insane motor sport vehicles, both for games and professional motorsport simulators (Cruden and rFactor Pro formats). Some of the work I’m doing at the moment in 2019 is based around the development of audio for the electric automotive industry, and a couple of cool video games.

Here’s an example of an implemented recording, from a project I directed, back in 2011.

That’s it really, no hard sell nor loads of promotional BS, that’s me and that’s what I do. Get in touch if you think I can help you out in some way.



704 Games, Aardvark Software, Audi Motorsport, BeamNG, Bullfrog Productions, Caterham Formula 1 Team, Catskills Records, Channel 5 Television, Chorley Music Consortium, Climax Group, Codemasters Software, Cruden Simulators, Crytek, Cyan Racing, Dovetail Games, Electronic Arts, Fragus BR Motorsport, Funfair Technologies, GT Interactive, Ideaworks 3D, Konami, McLaren Applied Technologies, McLaren Automotive, Massive Attack Tours, Mindscape International, Origin Incorporated, Outsource Media, Pearson, Projector Games, Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team, SCi, Software Toolworks, Sonic-Source, South Lancashire Arts Partnership, Supersonic Software, Team Lotus Formula 1 Team, TUTSongs, Twilight Software, Visual Science, Vivendi Universal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team, Williams Formula 1 Team, Virgin Racing Formula 1 Team.


Awards and Nominations:

2000 BAFTA winner for best sound, Theme Park World.
2009 BAFTA winner for best sports game, Race Driver: GRID
2010 BAFTA winner for best sports game, F1 2010
2013 BAFTA nomination for best sports game, F1 2013
2013 BAFTA nomination for best sports game, GRID 2
2015 AGMA nomination for Best Western Composer 2015
2017 TIGA winner for best racing game, F1 2016
2018 TIGA winner for best racing game, F1 2017



Multichannel vehicle audio recording and implementation using various synthesis techniques, with middleware solutions.
Electronic/Synthetic Music composition.
Sound Design.
Interactive audio implementation.
Foley and location recording.
Audio troubleshooting.