Mark’s grandfather started teaching him the violin when he was 6. At 10 years old he was given a Commodore 64 home computer and took an interest in electronic music. Whilst studying in college he began writing music on the Commodore Amiga, releasing his tunes within the demoscene. In 1992 he was given the opportunity to arrange the Wing Commander soundtrack for the Amiga which led him to full-time employment with the developer, Mindscape.

Having left Mindscape in 1997, Knight wrote the soundtrack for Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown before accepting a position at Bullfrog Productions, a development company owned by Electronic Arts, working on games such as Dungeon Keeper 2Populous: The Beginning and Theme Park World – which won a BAFTA for Best Sound.

In 2000, Mark changed career direction and lead the sound design team on the EA Sports F1 series, stating that “If truth be told however, it was a simple choice of either F1 or Harry Potter”. He left EA in 2003, and after spending time at Visual Science he joined Codemasters in 2007 to work on their DiRTF1 and GRID franchises.

Mark has performed on the electric violin with the folk punk band Tricks Upon Travellers (1994–2000), K-Passa (2000–2001, 2008–present), Blue Horses (2002–2003), 4-4-2 (2004), Laura Kenny (2006), Silver Dogs (2006–2007), Bleeding Hearts (2009–2011) and has worked as a session musician for bands such as Pepe Deluxé, The Divine Comedy, C64 Audio.com, and Frost*. He also administers the Fiddle and Alternative Strings Forum.

In 2012 Knight released his first TDK chiptune album, Reawakening, and continues to compose music in this style.

In 2015 Knight announced his return to video game composition with F1 2015. and in January 2016 was nominated for Best Western Game Composer, 2015, at the Annual Game Music Awards.

Mark left Codemasters in 2017 to form SONiC Fuel.